Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip Downtown

Well yesterday, being bored and all, I decided to head out and look for autumn colors around town. So I drove west to these railroad tracks near grenta that I thought would have some color. nope. So I continued driving, past gretna, and I saw the interstate, and I thought Id just take hwy 50 home, so I continued. Of course, I dont remember where I am and end up in louisville, about 20 miles south of where I thought I was. lol. So I Keep thinking of what I could do with the rest of the day, and then I think, the new pedestrian bridge! So I go downtown, and get my first shots of the Omaha Skyline. I missed getting there at sunset though, Ill have to make a trip out there on saturday evening.


This one is on the pedestrian Bridge on the Iowa side...


This one is a little over exposed, But I kinda like that you can actually see the shape of most of the buildings...


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Paul said...

Now that's nice Tyler - a very clear reflection and not much light lost in it - very good!



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