Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update: September 13

Latey everything has been boring, its been raining for 48 hours now, and just stopped, as for photos, I saw a volcanic sunset again, but didnt get to my camera in time cause I was at work. Oh yeah, I might not get as many good photos, cause Im working a lot more, but that will pay off with better photos later, with the new lens. I will still keep the D40 in my car though, cause you never know what will happen.

I pretty much ready for school to be over, I stayed home on wednesday and it felt great (ironic?)
No but not going to school was good. I need time to speed up, I just got a check from work, but have to wait for two more to get out of debt. Thats a month :( as soon as I do though, ill be flying through, to the laptop working 30 hours a week.

Not sure if anyone saw the link on the side of the page, for the recent photos... heres one as well... Recent photos 2008
those are roughly the best of 2008, actually, im going to put some more up there right now, cause I know I got some better lightning pictures than that.

looking into the future, another murray hill trip might happen on friday, it would be more observing, over pictures, but im going to take some. Might even see orion rise early enough for some nebulae observing, otherwise, I really want to see andromeda galaxy.

Also, in October, ill be going back to rivercrest for a retreat, so im bound to have some night shots, as long as its not cloudy. Other than that their are no plans, except for probably christmas in Minnesota, not even sure that'll happen though.

you should definately check out the links to the right, because they are all amazing photographers, but check back soon, hopefully we'll get something going here...

Just came across this photo from July thunderstorm it has great contrast...

crazy RFD

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