Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet new panorama program

I just came across a cool new panorama program that helps you make better panoramas. Back in June I was south of South of North Bend, NE with a pretty sweet panorama of thunderstorms all around me and took a 360 veiw with about 9 pictures, though, I needed to take more picture of the sky without the foreground, but lesson learned, below, is a 13 image stich of the view of my frontyard, and my Ford Contour in the driveway. Now that I know I can make panoramas with realtive ease, ill be keeping that in mind for those sweet sunsets, that cover the entire sky. And pretty much everything else.

In fact unless something starts happening around, (anything weather related) like thunderstorms, Auroras, some good sunsets, Fog, or a comet. Most of the updates will be for cool panoramas. I cant wait for winter now, this summer has sucked!
My current plan, is to save up for a laptop, this fall, and by christmas, to have a new sigma 10-20mm. Hopefully things will work out for that plan to happen. Im working alot more now, and my car is paid off, so money should come faster!

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