Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football and sunset

I thought this was Funny, Bring the couch to the game! this was millard south and westside playing, Final was 27 to 24 Millard South. Anyways, Right after I took the first picture, I was driving to the store to get some money to get into the game, when I came out I saw the sky was clearing to the west and I thought it was going to be a great sunset, though I found out is wasnt. So I wasted gas driving to zorinsky lake, but did get two pictures, at the bottom of the post.

Got to Zorinsky and walked to the dam, and sure enough, it sucked, I though when the gets down far enough, its going to reflect all kinds of colors, but the sun went behind some upper level clouds and prevented anything cool from happening. Then I saw some flowers, and it made the trip ok, but not good.

Not sure which one I liked best so I put them both up

I need to do this panorama from the 50 yard line next time, hopefully next time will be soon.

Bad News, Ill probably be needing to find a new job, because of some problems lately which means, itll be longer till the new sigma, but what do you do?

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