Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally something!

well got a lot more than I expected today, it rained from 11-230 ish, then I had to work, but during my break at 8, I noticed a beautiful sunset unfolding, so of corse I booked it home, and got my camera, took 3 photos and put them into a panorama. Later the clouds kept their sunset colors for 40 minutes or so, then venus poped out, and I was like ahhh! another good opportunity, though I didnt get those photos, but here is my panoramic sunset...

Tommarow, I should be getting my speakers for my car, as the old ones dont work anymore ( I only had $60 before this, and now im living off like $15 till friday, when I get my first paycheck since I came back.) , I dont have to work, so ill get that put together. Hopefully another sweet sunset tommarow.

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