Monday, August 18, 2008

Update: August 18th

Just Went through all the photos I took over the last year, Organized them into New more managable Folders. I deleted about 1000 so far and still have about 3000 to go through, It takes time! I spent Probably 2 1/2 hours tonight on this. I have also decided to make a small portfolio, probably containing 10-15 of my best Images, that I might post in a week or so.

Friday night I went to camp rivercrest, to work saturday morning and saturday afternoon. They have a 60ft. observation tower, that is 100ft. above the platte river, it has a great view of Fremont and areas north and east of there. The Tower seen here...

Before I left, I noticed the forecast had patchy Dense fog. I thought, wouldnt it be sweet to be up on the tower, with thick fog below! Like your above the clouds. That night me and a few friends went swimming in the platte river, until midnight or so, then headed to the tower. under a full moon it was very bright, almost daylight bright, so I took a picture of the platte and the western part of fremont seen below in the moonlight...

I woke up as the sun came up and looked around... NO FOG! aaahhhgg. All the fog I could see was way out inbetween fremont and blair, I guess there was a lot where Mike Hollingshead was in western Iowa, he got some great photos here.

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