Monday, August 4, 2008

Murray Hill

Last Thursday I went up to Murray Hill, located a few miles NW of Little sioux, IA, with a few friends to take some star pictures and capture the International Space station on camera. We left Fremont, NE at 9:25pm and got there at 10:40pm. The hike to the top is about 1/4 mile, and the bluff itself is about 300ft from the valley floor, so we had to hike up roughly 150-200ft to get to the top, no biggie. Being located almost exactly inbetween omaha, and sioux city, light pollution isnt a problem except for at the horizon. visible limiting magnitude was between 6-6.5 pretty good considering it only took an hour to get here. Milkyway was very clear, and once at the top thats the first thing I tried...

It is so difficult to focus on the stars, its going to take some practice. Then at 11:04pm the International space station began to rise and it was very bright, I caught two pictures of it here...

That night we saw the coolest meteor, it was green, and it exploded! Im pretty sure it was an early persied, as the peak is on August 11th, I think I might be heading back there that night. Then here are a few looking north, these turned out better because near the north star, they dont move as fast, so there are more stars and less trails with a longer shutter speed.

Im going to be heading up to valentine, NE in a few days, and possibly montana, for some star shots. I think ill post on here more since I have a reliable camera, and I take 2000 photos a month.

Tyler Burg

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