Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Site:

well as you can tell I pretty much stopped using this site. I have my photo updates at, and sometimes at

I will be expanding this coming January to a multipage site.

So instead of looking at this blog, my updates are at

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tonights Sky update

well its no longer, its

Only other update is that I got Photoshop, so images will be better processed now. Nothing new for photos though its been cloudy/dreary the last few days and will be for a while, hopefully at some point ill get some foliage colors of fall, but who knows when.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tonights Sky

I have created a blog for events in the night sky called, Tonights Sky. I'll be updating this site daily, so be sure to tell EVERYONE, depending on how this goes for a few months, I might be buying a domain, and a real site. I know, I dreaming of creating a rival to spaceweather, probably wont turn out to be much, but Im going to try. Ill be spending a lot of time getting the site going, so be sure to check it out every so often, in fact if your into astronomy check it everyday! Hope this will be a success. Oh yeah- ill still be undating this blog, dont worry.

Oh yes, the Link, for now the domain is

Thanks everyone.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip Downtown

Well yesterday, being bored and all, I decided to head out and look for autumn colors around town. So I drove west to these railroad tracks near grenta that I thought would have some color. nope. So I continued driving, past gretna, and I saw the interstate, and I thought Id just take hwy 50 home, so I continued. Of course, I dont remember where I am and end up in louisville, about 20 miles south of where I thought I was. lol. So I Keep thinking of what I could do with the rest of the day, and then I think, the new pedestrian bridge! So I go downtown, and get my first shots of the Omaha Skyline. I missed getting there at sunset though, Ill have to make a trip out there on saturday evening.


This one is on the pedestrian Bridge on the Iowa side...


This one is a little over exposed, But I kinda like that you can actually see the shape of most of the buildings...


Saturday, October 4, 2008

NEW image Gallery

I just set up a Pbase account, where I will store most of the photos on this blog. So if you wanna find one of the photos I took a few months ago, just check out the gallery. I have not yet uploaded all the images that I want to display, this probably wont be complete until mid october, so check back, and there will be more images soon.

I have also posted a bunch on there from a few months ago, so you've never seen them. You should check them out.

The link is But I will be making a nice HTML graphic with a link, but I dont have the time right now. anyways just check it out, and be sure to send an email for an questions/concerns you might have.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So much, So little time

Well the last few days, I've been taking a lot of images, and haven't had time to post any yet. First, on Monday night a thunderstorm rolled in at midnight, got a few good photos of that storm heres one...

Then earlier today I went out to camp, and worked till 5 took some pictures around camp. Just to show you a little bit of what it looks like here...

The Maintenace shed, and the entrance

At 7 I went into Fremont, got some dinner, then drove south to find a good foreground to shoot stars from, Stupidly I thought that the foreground would be luminated, but of course I wouldn't realize that until it was dark. So I ended up going to this place called otoe creek on highway 77. I set up here only to leave soon. Here is what it looked like...

Soon, it started getting dark, and the crescent moon and Venus were setting so I tried to get a good image of that, but at 55mm it doesn't look that great...

I left shortly after to get in a better spot. I had looked at's light pollution map, to decide where to go, it's pretty cool, there is a link to overlay it on Google earth, you should check it out... click on a state, then an observatory near you then look at the table, it'll say light pollution, click that, and there is a link that says Google earth overlay. I found a cool spot with hay bails, then realized that you wouldn't be able to tell what they were. To get out of wahoo's light pollution I drove on county road Q to near Colon, Nebraska. The skies were very dark as you can see here...

The first image has an iridium flare in it.

Thanks for checking it out! hopefully october will be a fun month!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Night Sky in Yutan

I drove to Yutan, Nebraska at 10:45pm on the 27th to get some late season summer milkyway shots before Jupiter starts to set, The stuff I came up with is the best focused I have gotten ever for night sky shots. I am pleased with how it came out, but I wish the skies were darker. Hopefully when I go to North platte, Ill get some nicely focused shots of Orion and the pleaides. Anyways for now here is the best one... I also took some Macro shots a few days ago I'm thinking about posting so maybe tommarow, but I gotta go to bed.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Sunset of Fall

got a good sunset on a day I dont work. It had many stages too, so now im going to have to post a few images. The pleaides moon occultation was okay, but the light pollution basically makes all astronomical viewing crap. So I can't wait to go to North Platte, and Minnesota this fall. Well here are some of the best ones...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Harvest Moon

Here are a few images from today, The harvest moon, shot through the telescope, which is pretty blurry, but I couldnt do much about that. But Its pretty good, I need to get a camera adapter for it, to get the best shots.

Just messin around with light graffiti eariler in the day, here's a few pictures. Im going to North platte in November, But I just realized that it'll be nearly a full moon, so Ill have to wake up at 4am to get good pictures of Orion then, but itll be worth it!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update: September 13

Latey everything has been boring, its been raining for 48 hours now, and just stopped, as for photos, I saw a volcanic sunset again, but didnt get to my camera in time cause I was at work. Oh yeah, I might not get as many good photos, cause Im working a lot more, but that will pay off with better photos later, with the new lens. I will still keep the D40 in my car though, cause you never know what will happen.

I pretty much ready for school to be over, I stayed home on wednesday and it felt great (ironic?)
No but not going to school was good. I need time to speed up, I just got a check from work, but have to wait for two more to get out of debt. Thats a month :( as soon as I do though, ill be flying through, to the laptop working 30 hours a week.

Not sure if anyone saw the link on the side of the page, for the recent photos... heres one as well... Recent photos 2008
those are roughly the best of 2008, actually, im going to put some more up there right now, cause I know I got some better lightning pictures than that.

looking into the future, another murray hill trip might happen on friday, it would be more observing, over pictures, but im going to take some. Might even see orion rise early enough for some nebulae observing, otherwise, I really want to see andromeda galaxy.

Also, in October, ill be going back to rivercrest for a retreat, so im bound to have some night shots, as long as its not cloudy. Other than that their are no plans, except for probably christmas in Minnesota, not even sure that'll happen though.

you should definately check out the links to the right, because they are all amazing photographers, but check back soon, hopefully we'll get something going here...

Just came across this photo from July thunderstorm it has great contrast...

crazy RFD

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football and sunset

I thought this was Funny, Bring the couch to the game! this was millard south and westside playing, Final was 27 to 24 Millard South. Anyways, Right after I took the first picture, I was driving to the store to get some money to get into the game, when I came out I saw the sky was clearing to the west and I thought it was going to be a great sunset, though I found out is wasnt. So I wasted gas driving to zorinsky lake, but did get two pictures, at the bottom of the post.

Got to Zorinsky and walked to the dam, and sure enough, it sucked, I though when the gets down far enough, its going to reflect all kinds of colors, but the sun went behind some upper level clouds and prevented anything cool from happening. Then I saw some flowers, and it made the trip ok, but not good.

Not sure which one I liked best so I put them both up

I need to do this panorama from the 50 yard line next time, hopefully next time will be soon.

Bad News, Ill probably be needing to find a new job, because of some problems lately which means, itll be longer till the new sigma, but what do you do?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old/New Stuff

I didnt have this site up eariler this summer, and didnt get a chance to post these images, and now I have finally got the panorama I wanted of this day, though it didnt turn out too well, I know I need to take more photos vertically. But Here they are from Early June...
I did catch some day lightning on this day, but I didnt think it was post worthy, though I went into Fremont the next day and noticed on the front page of the paper a bolt of lighting with the sunset reflection, very similar to the ones I took, so that encouraged me a bunch!

Hopefully Ill have some actual new photos soon

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally something!

well got a lot more than I expected today, it rained from 11-230 ish, then I had to work, but during my break at 8, I noticed a beautiful sunset unfolding, so of corse I booked it home, and got my camera, took 3 photos and put them into a panorama. Later the clouds kept their sunset colors for 40 minutes or so, then venus poped out, and I was like ahhh! another good opportunity, though I didnt get those photos, but here is my panoramic sunset...

Tommarow, I should be getting my speakers for my car, as the old ones dont work anymore ( I only had $60 before this, and now im living off like $15 till friday, when I get my first paycheck since I came back.) , I dont have to work, so ill get that put together. Hopefully another sweet sunset tommarow.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet new panorama program

I just came across a cool new panorama program that helps you make better panoramas. Back in June I was south of South of North Bend, NE with a pretty sweet panorama of thunderstorms all around me and took a 360 veiw with about 9 pictures, though, I needed to take more picture of the sky without the foreground, but lesson learned, below, is a 13 image stich of the view of my frontyard, and my Ford Contour in the driveway. Now that I know I can make panoramas with realtive ease, ill be keeping that in mind for those sweet sunsets, that cover the entire sky. And pretty much everything else.

In fact unless something starts happening around, (anything weather related) like thunderstorms, Auroras, some good sunsets, Fog, or a comet. Most of the updates will be for cool panoramas. I cant wait for winter now, this summer has sucked!
My current plan, is to save up for a laptop, this fall, and by christmas, to have a new sigma 10-20mm. Hopefully things will work out for that plan to happen. Im working alot more now, and my car is paid off, so money should come faster!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Update: August 18th

Just Went through all the photos I took over the last year, Organized them into New more managable Folders. I deleted about 1000 so far and still have about 3000 to go through, It takes time! I spent Probably 2 1/2 hours tonight on this. I have also decided to make a small portfolio, probably containing 10-15 of my best Images, that I might post in a week or so.

Friday night I went to camp rivercrest, to work saturday morning and saturday afternoon. They have a 60ft. observation tower, that is 100ft. above the platte river, it has a great view of Fremont and areas north and east of there. The Tower seen here...

Before I left, I noticed the forecast had patchy Dense fog. I thought, wouldnt it be sweet to be up on the tower, with thick fog below! Like your above the clouds. That night me and a few friends went swimming in the platte river, until midnight or so, then headed to the tower. under a full moon it was very bright, almost daylight bright, so I took a picture of the platte and the western part of fremont seen below in the moonlight...

I woke up as the sun came up and looked around... NO FOG! aaahhhgg. All the fog I could see was way out inbetween fremont and blair, I guess there was a lot where Mike Hollingshead was in western Iowa, he got some great photos here.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Night at the Lake

There hasnt been much going on lately, it hasnt rained here for a month until tonight. Came across Kim Randolph's Pbase account, and she is an amazing photographer, you should check her out, her work made me realize that photography isn't all about luck, its about planning ahead, having good awareness of events and weather conditions. Tonight I went out to lake zorinsky intending to get some sunset pictures, though there was no sunset, clouds took over the western sky, so I had to come home with something so, I went down to the lake and took some pictures of moonlight reflection on the lake. heres a few for now...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Murray Hill

Last Thursday I went up to Murray Hill, located a few miles NW of Little sioux, IA, with a few friends to take some star pictures and capture the International Space station on camera. We left Fremont, NE at 9:25pm and got there at 10:40pm. The hike to the top is about 1/4 mile, and the bluff itself is about 300ft from the valley floor, so we had to hike up roughly 150-200ft to get to the top, no biggie. Being located almost exactly inbetween omaha, and sioux city, light pollution isnt a problem except for at the horizon. visible limiting magnitude was between 6-6.5 pretty good considering it only took an hour to get here. Milkyway was very clear, and once at the top thats the first thing I tried...

It is so difficult to focus on the stars, its going to take some practice. Then at 11:04pm the International space station began to rise and it was very bright, I caught two pictures of it here...

That night we saw the coolest meteor, it was green, and it exploded! Im pretty sure it was an early persied, as the peak is on August 11th, I think I might be heading back there that night. Then here are a few looking north, these turned out better because near the north star, they dont move as fast, so there are more stars and less trails with a longer shutter speed.

Im going to be heading up to valentine, NE in a few days, and possibly montana, for some star shots. I think ill post on here more since I have a reliable camera, and I take 2000 photos a month.

Tyler Burg


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